1985 was the year when Mexico City and other states came together for a single purpose: finding survivors under the rubble caused by the earthquake that destroyed part of Mexico City that same year. We Mexicans have come together as a nation to focus on a single mission only a few times in history. Love and hope will never be destroyed.
A man who rescued his sister from underneath the rubble inspired this story. She lost her husband and son… Since then, she has been emotionally destroyed. More than 30 years have passed, the pain she feels is almost the same. Many people are dealing with such trance. These are scars that are hard to overcome. I hope this movie can reach people and tell them that when they lost their loved ones, they can't be forever in pain, because this will kill them. It's hard for me to see people going through this process with their wounds not healing.
The man who rescued his sister gave a new meaning to his own life. He never thought about what he was capable of doing and actually taught us a great lesson: nothing is impossible in life. A tragedy helps to save the lives of others and to find ourselves. That man was my father.

Jeanette Russ Moreno


“1985®” is a touching story about forgiveness, love and hope where characters mix their lives in an emotional metamorphosis taking place before and after the earthquake that destroyed Mexico City in 1985.

Title of the Movie: 1985®
Genre: Drama
Acquisition Format: Digital
Completion Format: Digital
Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes.
Status: Looking for funding

Awards and Screenings

  • Participated on the “Visitors program” at the 2015 Berlinale Co-Production Market.
  • Bolívia Lab 2014, 4th Internacional Screenwriting Workshop. Winner of the post-production counseling and possible co-production with Capibara Films in Venezuela.
  • Tareula II Program 2010. “Production and Scriptwriting Course for Professional European and Latin American Producers”
  • Project selection for the 2008 Strategic Partners events in Halifax, Canada.
  • 5th India-Mexico Coproduction Forum at the 2008 “Expresión en Corto Film Festival”
  • Official selection on the Ibero-American Films Crossing Borders course at the 23rd Guadalajara Film Festival in 2007.
  • Cinema Project Development Fund at the 2007 IMCINE.
  • Official selection in the unpublished screenplay section at the 29th New Latin American Film Festival in Havana, Cuba (2007).
  • Winner in the "Alejandro Galindo Screenwriting Support Workshop" taught by Vicente Leñero. SOGEM, 2006.
  • Feature screenplay selected at IMCINE's 2005 Screenwriting Support Workshop.